InterCripol Network and the MATRIOChCA Project (MATRIce et Observatoire des Chemins Cachés des Arts)

InterCriPol (ICCPO) is the equivalent of Interpol (ICPO) in the world of fiction : Throughout our network, all over the world, our special agents (researchers, students, passionate readers) join forces to track down unpunished criminals who escaped justice - until now.

The Matriochca Project

InterCriPol’s network investigations are aiming to explore fictions within the MATRIOChCA scientific research project. Our motto is Bayard Knight's - direct ancestor of our honorary President Pierre bayard - device  : Accipit ut det ("He receives so as to give back") : we take fictions, and give it back with different stories, unexpected meanings... and, we hope so, a little more justice.

Opposed to the common idea that truth is unique, that meaning is written in marble for ever [fixed once and for all] – by critics or by authors themselves – we believe that each and every story is like matriochkas or Russian dolls: A story can hide many others, as long as we can find a way to reveal them. Even if they have to remain within the limits set by the text, the frame around the picture, readers are freer than we believe. Freedom exists by using it. So why do we keep ourselves in a willing state of slavery that we actually would never allow to happen in real life?

This collaborative website is our investigation lab:
It is a tool – an Observatory allowing scientific evaluation of existing hypothesis and their compatibility with the original work; and a matrix allowing new creations, in order to navigate using alternative – hidden paths, our favourite novels and multiplying possibilities.
How to uncover hidden stories Like matriochkas, you have to look inside the visible story – and sometimes cut it in halves – in order to unveil another unexpected one. This other story is likely to be autopsied to dig up a third one. And it goes on and on…

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